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  ttracted to quality, we spent years designing a product that would revoultionize mast arm mounting as we know it. We considered the flaws of already existing popular mast arm mounting equipment and wanted to correct those flaws with a product that is easy to install and above all the most durable for the job. Keeping your streetscape as safe and reliable as possible was our goal and we have not only achieved that, but exceeded above and beyond our expectations with this piece of equipment. Our design team wanted to innovate from the already existing "casting deformation" design of our competitors and introduce a more durable serrated "teeth" locking system for adjustability and ease of angle on the mast arm. Serrated teeth line both the male and female halves at two degree increments to lock in a position for your signal or sign, giving you flexability to a complete 360 degrees. Introducing our Rigid Mast Arm Mount, available in both cable and band type installation applications.

  Our Rigid Mast Arm Mount is available

with the following cable or band lengths: 






Design, Innovate, & Engineer

Engineering a product that revolutionizes mast arm mounting was no easy task. Countless hours were spent on improving the flaws of the existing product to achieve a new standard of structural integrity. Our product design eliminated deformity of the casting halves while improving on the locking teeth feature that is unique to our specific model. It took our design team two years of prototypes and casting trials to finally arrive at our current product, one that we feel is the most durable and yet easy to install mast arm mount in the industry. 

Support Ribs Added for Additional Strength

Understanding the true value of always improving our products and our quality is something we take very serious. A common issue with other products in the industry was cracking of the tube saddle casting when a traffic technician would overtighten the " U - Bolts". As a preventitive measure, we designed a strengthening rib into our casting that connects the main wall to the brim of the tube saddle, thus eliminating the cracking issue out in the field. Ensuring saftey in our product while improving its structual integrity, a mission to never be satisfied

Wind Tested For Extreme Weather Conditions

Here at General Traffic Equipment Corp, we always want to take the extra steps in product development to ensure safety as a priority. During the product testing stage of our Rigid Mast Arm Mount, we had various tests done at a wind tunnel facility to recreate extreme weather conditions.

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