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  For more than thirty years, we have had YOU, the customer, in mind with everything that we do here. We're keenly aware that the rigors of your job demand only the best quality products available. We're sensitive to the fact that you have to wrestle, beg and borrow to keep your budget intact, and have to constantly do more, with less resources. We understand too, that at the end of the day, you want your signal installations to not only function well, but they better be good looking as well.

For our first thirty years, we have done our best to address these needs... YOUR needs. For the next thirty years, we shall remain fixated on this goal.


Thank you for having faith in us and deeming us worthy enough to be included in your streetscape. Thank you for spending your meager resources with us. Our gratitude matched with your loyalty and recognition as our valued customer is what will propel us as we make progress into the future with new and improved quality signal products!



Raymond Staffon

President & CEO
General Traffic Equipment Corp.


General Traffic Equipment Corporation has been a proud sustaining member of the International Municipal Signal Association for over 25 years

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