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         We here at GTE are committed to reducing our environmental impact in the hopes for a better tomorrow. Taking part in the sustainability movement of going green and reducing our carbon footprint has been part of our mission towards a safer future. For the past four years, our facility in Newburgh, New York has been running off  100% Wind Power. The power is generated from wind farms in upstate New York to support our local economies and promote local jobs. Our manufacturing plant has also incorporated many green practices to even further reduce our carbon footprint.

Below are a few of the many other ways we are going green;


 - Energy Efficient Lighting
 - Programmable Thermostats

 - Infrared Heating

 - Reducing Fax Related Paper Waste

 - Encouraging Communications by E-Mail

 - Recycling Metal Scap, Paper, Carboard, Plastic, etc.


Since we made the switch to wind powered energy, GTE has had an impact equivalent to ;

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