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eeting and exceeding our customers needs is something we have been passionate about from the start. In a world that is becoming heavily reliant on technology, we needed a way to provide more value to our customers and to the overall public. Peek Traffic Corporation is a customer-focused provider for the transportation management systems industry and a leader in innovation. They are committed to employing advanced technologies with the highest level of quality, service and value to their customers. We have the same set of standards here at GTE, that's why together we will be a driving force in the future of traffic systems and management. We have formed an exclusive distributorship to supply Peek Traffic products in the New York City market, one of our most notorious territories. General Traffic Equipment Corporation and Peek Traffic Corporation, together a safer world.

Here are some of Peek Traffic's Products

Complete Cabinets
  •  ASTC-6, ASTC-8, ASTC-12 Complete Cabinet Assemblies           

  • Complete PDA Assemblies                                                          

  • Bus Interface Units                                                                     

  • Internal Rack including backpanel PCB                                      

  • Wired roof plenum complete                                                     

  • Loadswitches                                                                              

  • Flash Transfer Relays                                                                        

  • Flashers

  • NYC - 2010

Traffic Controllers

Loop Detectors
  • 625X

Video Systems
  • VideoTrak IQ                                                                               

  • Cameras                                                                                         

  • Power Supplies                                                                              

  • Card Cages

Back Up Power Supplies
  • PowerBack™                                                                                

  • MPS4 Rack Mounted Power Supply                                                          

  • TS2-T1 Cabinet Power Supply                                                                    

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