Pedestrian Signals

16" X 18"
P-8  Polycarbonate
Pedestrian Signal

The newest edition to our Pedestrian Signal line is the exclusive General Traffic Equipment Corp P-8 Polycarbonate Signal. Designed universally around what is exisiting in the marketplace, we have taken pride in our own innovative features. Comprised of UV- Stabilized GE Lexan Polycarbonate resin, it is sure to last the test of time out in the field. It's symmetrical design allows for doors to hinge in either direction.The pedestrian signal is available with various different visor and mounting options to meet all of your traffic needs.

16" X 18"
P-7  Aluminum
Pedestrian Signal

The General Traffic Equipment Corp P-7 Single Section Pedestrian Signal is a dual-indication unitized housing assembly utilizing LED module technology and is designed to meet and exceed ITE standards. The housing is a one piece #413 die-cast aluminum alloy casting complete with serrated bosses top and bottom.
Also complete with four integrally cast hinge lug pairs, two at the top and two on bottom for the operation of a swing down door. Our pedestrian signal is designed to fit a wide variety of signal mounting brackets, both side of pole as well as post-top.

"Clamshell" Style
Pedestrian Signal Mount

Our "Clamshell" Style Pedestrian Signal Mount is a two piece, die-cast aluminum alloy assembly where the two seperate castings are joined in the final assembly by the use of stainless steel spring pins. The unit construction allows for through-bolt, bolt to tapped pole, lag screw and band-it type mounting. The head half of the assembly is secured to the pedestrian signal with four 5/16" bolts and is able to lock by inserting a flat head socket bolt and tightening with an allen wrench to prevent vandalism. We carry two models that accomodate the difference in terminal block configurations.

Audible Pedestrian Signal   

DS - 100 Series

The DS-100 Audbile Pedestrian Signal helps the visually handicapped, senior citizens and children cross intersections safely. Working in conjuction with existing pedestrian signals, it produces a seperate and distinctive sound for both North/South and East/West crossings. The DS-100 meets the requirement of Americans With Disability Act and is authorized by California and Canadian M.U.T.C.D. With its universal mount, the DS-100 is easily installed on any existing pedestrian signal and delivers up to 4 Walk "Cuckoo" and "Peep" sounds approved b
y Transportation Association of Canada and other North American Transportation Authorities.

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"Clamshell" Style Mount

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